How to choose electronic scales?

Release Time: 2020-06-11
1. Appearance and shape

       In general, many people do not mind this aspect, and think that all should be the same, but in fact, the choice of appearance shape can also help us reduce some weight errors.

       Square scales are more accurate than round scales, because squares are more stable and have more room to stand in. Stable conditions will make the measurement more accurate.

       In addition, the choice of color style is also more important, because the electronic scale is placed on a flat surface, which is too ugly to affect the structural pattern of the home, and you will feel the scenery. Is it a fish-shaped one-pot soup?

2. Anti-slip mat

      Is there a non-slip mat? In general, the place where the electronic scale is placed is on the floor or ceramic tiles in the home. It should be noted here that placing the electronic scale on uneven ground can also lead to errors. Soft carpet or uneven ground , Will make the measurement result lighter.

     At this time, if there is no anti-skid pad on the ground, it is not only inaccurate to measure, but also easy to slip.

3. Accuracy

      The most important thing about an electronic scale is its accuracy, but you don’t know your weight, how do you know whether it is accurate or not?

      Don't worry, where there is a problem, there will be a solution.

      Without knowing our weight, we need a fixed reference. Buy two bottles of water, about 600ml a bottle, the weight is 0.6kg. Let's measure our weight on the scale first, and then stand on the scale with a bottle of water and measure the weight once. Then use our second weight minus our first weight to measure the weight of this bottle of water.

      Take two more bottles of water and stand on the scale to get the weight, then subtract the first weight and divide by two to get the weight of the mineral water.

      The two measurements are made separately, and the weight of a bottle of water is obtained, and the average value is taken to see how far it is from 0.6 kg.

4. Body fat rate

      Nowadays, some scales not only meet our simple weight measurement requirement, but also measure our fat content.

      The measurement of body fat rate is based on the principle that our fat is not conductive, and our body fat rate is measured. A general fat scale has 2 metal pieces, 4 metal pieces or 8 metal pieces. It can be said that the more metal pieces, the more accurate the measurement. Because 4 metal pieces have stronger anti-interference ability, 8 metal pieces collect the impedance of the arm and the whole body.

      But the average family has only 2 metal sheets or four, which can only measure our approximate lower body fat content. The upper body is mainly tested based on data, so we can only make a simple reference to the accuracy of body fat rate. This evaluation item should be regarded as a little entertainment, don't trust the body fat rate of family scales too much.

5. Precision of electronic scale

      Electronic scales of better quality are generally accurate to 0.1kg, but there are also electronic scales on the market that can only measure integer digits, so we should not choose inferior electronic scales.

6. Bearing range of electronic scale

     The applicable population of electronic scales is part of the fat people, so its weighing range should also be the range we should consider. At present, the load range of better quality electronic scales can reach more than 150KG.

7.APP experience

    The current electronic scales are generally smart. We need to download the APP, and then perform measurement and data analysis. In this analysis, we must have data monitoring and health advice and other functions, otherwise it is too simple APP, download it feels It's useless.

     Ok, the above is my summary on the purchase of electronic scales. After reading it, do you know a lot about the choice of electronic scales?