What is an electronic scale? How to use electronic scales?

Release Time: 2020-06-11

       When an object is placed on the weighing pan, pressure is applied to the sensor, which deforms, thereby changing the impedance, and at the same time using the excitation voltage to change and output a changing analog signal. The signal is amplified and output by an amplifier circuit to an analog-to-digital converter. Converted into a digital signal for easy processing and output to the CPU operation control. The CPU outputs this result to the display based on keyboard commands and programs. Until this result is displayed.

       Electronic scales, like ordinary electronic equipment, must first understand the use of each button on the instrument (see the instruction manual for details). Proficient in basic functions such as clearing, peeling, green peeling and printing. Electronic scales are measuring instruments. Before using weighing, you must know the measuring range and division of the scale to avoid overloading the weight of the object and causing the sensor to be crushed; secondly, make sure that the weighing platform is placed horizontally; Weigh the center of the platform and place it gently on the center of the platform.

       Usually do the maintenance work of electronic scales, the operation of different brands of electronic scales is different, but the basic principle is the same, there are many things to pay attention to in the process of use. Mainly pay attention to the moisture-proof and waterproof measures of sensors, meters, and junction boxes. If there is a mechanical failure, regularly check the limit value of the scale. If there is friction and seizure between the scale and the limit value, adjust the limit value to achieve the best weighing status . In addition, when the electronic scale is not used for a long time, it should be charged every three months to avoid battery damage.